The Little Scallywagz presents 6 fun-filled stage shows to choose from. Please call us today or email to discuss options and packages for your next event.

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Jungle Safari Show

It's time to get wild and explore the jungle with the Little Scallywagz.

Come and join in the fun, dancing and singing  about some of your favourite animals that live in the jungle.

Roar like a lion, dance like a monkey and snap like a crocodile in this exciting safari adventure for all our little explorers!

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Nursery Rhyme Adventure

The Little Scallywagz nursery rhyme adventure show is for both young and old at heart.

The children will be captivated as they are taken on a fun-filled adventure, singing and dancing to all their favourite nursery rhymes.

Hey Diddle Diddle, The wheels on the bus and Twinkle Little Star and more. A wonderful family show for all to enjoy!

DinoMights Dance Party

It's time to get on your dancing shoes as Dougie & Daisy the two fun-grooving dinosaurs get the dance party going. There will be lots of stomping feet and roaring like dinosaurs as the dance party gets into full swing, singing and grooving to songs about all the prehistoric creatures that lived and walked the earth millions of years ago.

The kids will excite as they roar like a Tyrannosaur Rex, soar high in the sky like a Pteranodon and thump and stomp their feet just like a dinosaur & much more. The DinoMights will have everyone jumping and moving in an energised performance filled with roarsome fun!

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Rock'n Elfy's Christmas Show

The Rock’n Elfy’s Christmas show is filled with lots of laughter and good cheer.


Come and join in the fun with Holly and Jingles and their jolly friends as they take you on a rock'n good time, singing and dancing to popular Christmas carols and Rock’n Elfy tunes.


This fun and exciting Christmas show will have the kids jumping and grooving to non-stop Christmassy fun!


Be sure to book early to avoid any disappointment! 

The Jolly Pirates Adventure

Its time to board the ship with Pirate Ted and his ship mates as they go in search of Captain Long-bottoms long lost treasure.


Along the way there will be lots of singing and dancing with songs about walking the plank, shaking the sand away and doing the pirate twist.


This interactive adventure on the high seas is one not to be missed, it’s pirating good fun for all the family to enjoy!

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It's a Groovy Christmas

It’s Christmas time again, so deck the halls and decorate the tree, tis the season to be jolly.

The Little Scallywagz ‘It’s a Groovy Christmas’ show is filled with Christmas joy. This show will have kids and adults singing and dancing to non-stop Christmas carolling.

Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty the snowman are just some of the carols to mentioned. For a great Christmas family fun show be sure to book early!

Little Scallywagz Christmas Special